We are a group of professional photographers that were fooled by one too many clickbait articles only to be let down. For us, photography is a career, a passion and the cornerstone of a community worth fighting for. Rather than crassly bash a camera or platform for “gotcha” anecdotes, we would prefer to show the merits of equipment and its effect on the working professional. This is a website where the articles take longer to write than the headlines, and where the reader will hopefully leave not only better informed, but inspired.

Instead of throwing a review at you from some unknown author that may or may not be a working photographer, we decided to let you, the reader, choose who you trust. By selecting images you like you can see the photographer and equipment that made them and hear how they did it. In a sense, the viewer “vets” the information they trust. In an effort to keep this experience motivating to the reader’s creativity, we have also removed all secondary commentary from the site. We felt the comment section is where great articles and imagery get brought down by misguided keyboard warriors and tribalistic trolls.

The Photographers’ Tribune is a site where we will inspire future photographers in the classrooms as well as the studio.