Frank Crebas

Frank started with his aviation photography in the late 1980's after he was introduced to the military aviation scene by his uncles, dr. Hans Crébas and Ide Wobma. It would have been obvious that he would had joined the Royal Netherlands Air Force but he got involved in harness horse racing and became a horse driver, racing with trotting horses instead. in 2000 he made a drastic career switch and became one of the first employees at, a website with classified advertisements, co-owned by his parents at that date. In 2004 this website was sold to eBay while at the meantime Frank was the CEO of with over 100 employees at work and he was highly involved in the sell of the company to to its new owner. Frank left Marktplaats in may 2005 and started up a new company, Netl with his parents Carla Wobma, Bob Crébas and his brother Robin Crébas.Netl is a fashion company which produces an alternative for cotton with the use of Stinging Nettle fibers. Besides this Fasion Company the family also operates Netl Park and Netl Racing, the latter is a horse racing company.
After selling Marktplaats, Frank invested more and more time in aviation photography and stoot-up Bluelife Aviation media and started with his first book project, "Airpower, de Nederlandse Luchtmacht" with his friend Stephan de Bruijn. Airpower tells the story of today's Netherlands Air Force. Parallel to book publishing Frank is also a regular contributor to global selling aviation magazines and books. Further the Royal Netherlands Air Force is using his photo work for PR purposes and in particular the RNLAF F-16 Demo Team for which he proudly produces photo work.

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